Best business books

Best business books


The best business books are popular not only with aspiring entrepreneurs. They are recommended for reading in lyceums, are taken at university courses in micro- and macroeconomics, they are on the shelves of psychotherapists and writers-philosophers.


Because this kind of literature asks the right questions and teaches our brain not to relax at the most crucial moments. How to learn to distinguish these moments from the rest, when to act and when to take a time out are only a tiny part of the knowledge and skills that we draw from this well.

Sometimes Forbes journalists summarize their experience of reading stacks of business books in the form of lists like Forbes’ Best Business Books. Such ratings are the only reliable guide in the ocean of Internet articles, mediocre authors and outright profanities.

Fresh “top” books, compiled by Forbes experts, did not surprise us with new names.
The best business books don’t come out often, but the process doesn’t stop there. Well-known authors are working on new publications, young talented specialists are emerging with a different understanding of the market and business as a whole.

Their correctness (or fallacy of views) has yet to be proved by time. We will pay attention to proven writers and books, whose authority is unshakable, like the US gold and foreign exchange reserve.


How to win in business and turn customers into loyal fans. Have you asked this question? If you are on this page, then yes. The work of Khalsa and Illig is suitable for those who work in sales or build their business on interactions with regular customers. It is the development of a base of grateful customers who return to you again and again that forms the basis of the author’s method.

Popular business coaches provide powerful tools based on the experience of companies from various fields to increase customer loyalty. After all, a satisfied customer is a free opportunity to attract new ones. The so-called “word of mouth”.

You just need to earn the trust of a few by providing a quality service or recommending your product – and that’s it! These few people will tell their friends, and those – their own. Before you have time to look back, the snowball is already rushing with might and main, just have time to competently increase the load on production and / or employees.

  • easy to read, not overloaded with terms and complex phrases;
  • recommended for those who sell expensive/complex products;
  • The system is designed for the long term.


The system of unblinded creative thinking is a constant vector aimed at the success of your business. Gone are the days when, for a breakthrough in business, it was enough to gather all colleagues and partners, arrange a brainstorming session and voila – money is pouring in. In the 21st century, a systematic approach to creative solutions is needed to be competitive or just stay afloat.

If you are lucky enough to occupy a narrow niche and no one is stepping on your heels – rejoice. Because it won’t be long. Sooner or later, those who will take your idea, improve and chop off half the market will come. This is the truth of life. To be proactive, it is enough to buy a book by Robert Sutton for the corporate library right now and start systematically implementing the tips from it.

written in an accessible language for everyone and everyone who experienced a creative crisis;
read to those who are in search of effective innovations and a “fresh breath” of ideas;
creativity is like a muscle in our body, it can and should be trained no matter what you do or work for.


A legendary guide for those who are urgently looking for work – this is how the book was called by those who translated into Russian the work of the author Richard Nelson Balls. Let’s see how relevant the advice is in it, provided that Richard himself was born in 1927 and published his creation in 1970?

The book, which has been translated into 20 languages, is sold in 26 countries with a total circulation of more than 10,000,000 copies and is updated annually. If you do not pay attention to the fact that it is included in the TOP 100 best creations of sci-pop of all time according to Time magazine, then the number of negative reviews is still surprising. Why is she so ambiguous?

The main reason readers point out is that all advice is written by an American for Americans. With their capitalist mindset and belief in the American Dream. Is it possible to read this edition in such a way as to benefit from it in our troubled times? When outside the window the virus and the wrong decisions of those in power are destroying small and medium-sized businesses, and millions of people are forced to look for a second and even a third job in order to somehow provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families…

Seek and find. Anyone who is open to new opportunities and can adequately evaluate a book written with light humor 40 years ago will definitely draw fresh ideas and get unexpected insights. Those who are used to whining and waiting for ready-made instructions will only be disappointed.

  • for everyone who is not used to giving up, having been rejected already at the 49th interview in a row …
  • for everyone who wants to radically change the approach to finding a job;
  • for those who accept the changes in the world and are ready to adapt.